Request For Proposal – Feasibility study on future art center

The Wasatch County Arts Council in conjunction with the Hebe Valley Arts Center Coalition is seeking proposals to conduct a feasibility study on the potential success, needs assessment, and funding opportunities to build a visual and performing arts center in the Heber Valley.

Heber Valley is home to many great visual and performing arts groups. Over the years art spaces in the valley have fallen into disrepair, been encroached on by development, or become too small for the growing arts community. Each year the valley experiences more participation in arts from more groups such as painters, musicians, actors, dancers, and more attendees to these arts events.

The Wasatch County Arts Council, a 501c(3) organization, has a shared vision with the local arts groups to see Wasatch County become a premier destination for visual and performing arts. One of the driving goals is to build a facility that can house both the visual and performing arts groups and events that take place in the Heber Valley.

Over the past 15 months the Heber Valley Arts Center Coalition has been working on this project. The coalition is made up of city and county leaders from the various municipalities, and other arts minded stakeholders including developers, philanthropists, and more.

This project has the potential to be one of the crowning achievements of the valley as a collaborative and innovative way to secure the artistic heritage of the Heber Valley.

Interested firms are encourage to submit their proposals by September 15, 2017 to Dallin Koecher at

Heber Valley Community Arts Center Feasibility Outline

RFP for selecting arts consultant