Grant Applications

The Wasatch County Arts Council exists to support and coordinate the efforts of organizations committed to Wasatch County as a premier destination for visual and performing arts. As part of this goal we strive to support our local artist, performing groups and individuals through offering yearly arts grants. These grants are designed to help the recipient excel beyond their own capacity. Funding from these grants come from the support of the Wasatch County Council.

This year the Wasatch County Arts Council has more funds available to allocate with the goal to award as many worthy projects as funds allow. Grant funds are a 1 to 1 match. Funds will be reimbursed for approved expenditures

It is encouraged, but not required, that funds should be spent in the county, when possible. Funds must be used within 1 year from awarding date. Any questions regarding use of funds can be directed to [email protected], or 435-654-3666 ext. 13.

You may download a hard copy of the grant application and submit it via email or in person.

WCAC 2022 Grant Application

Online application:

you can submit the application online HERE

Grant Uses Include:

  • Promotion: Advertising, marketing, public relations etc.
  • Staging/equipment costs
  • Venue repairs/reservations
  • Other pertinent operational expenses

Grants MAY NOT be used for the following:

  • Hiring or paying for an individuals time
  • Personal gains
  • Debts
  • redistribution

Timeline for grant awards –

February 1 – Applications becomes available

March 4 – Deadline for submitting grant application via email form submittal or hard copy to 475 N Main, Heber City by 12 pm

March 24- All applicants will be notified via email of their award status

Grant Reports –

Within 45 days of your project, a summary report is due to the arts council detailing the completion of your project or event. This report should be a clear explanation of items purchased, numbers of people attending event, and receipts or invoices. Your project will not be reimbursed without this report and the proper receipts or invoices. Reports submitted after 45 days will only receive half of the project amount. After 60, project will become ineligible for reimbursement. 

Also, please include a “Thank You” letter in your report to the Wasatch County Council. The Council has been a tremendous support to the arts and we would like to show them what their investment into the arts has created.  We will forward the letter on to the county council.


  • Reports are due within 45 days of event
  • WCAC Logo must appear in a program
  • Grants are now available to any arts group
  • Submit all arts events on the community calendar at